Project Details

The Frey are 10,000 generative NFT avatars in the Xangaea world, with in-app integration minted here at a price of 750 ONE.
You will be able to select a Frey you own as an in-game avatar, which ‘activates’ your NFT and its benefits.


* Extra Harmon inventory space
* More YTA currency rewards from staking (increase per Frey owned)
* Harmon airdrops
* Event airdrops
* Plot airdrops
* Plot integration (raids and more)

frey gif

The YTA (yet-to-announce) currency will be the currency of Xangaea, earned by staking XYA-ONE LP. This token can be used to mint Harmons, implementing a ‘stake-to-play’ system for CryptIDs. Everyone owning a Frey will have beta access to CryptIDs. There will also be passive rewards in the future regarding Harmons and buffs for Frey holders. It is important to note that owning a Frey is not needed to play the game. With that being said, it makes various things cheaper, faster and easier.

Day 0 Freys

Freys minted during the presale (until Block 18256956) is considered a ‘Day 0 Frey’. The last Day 0 Frey is #542.

Everyone owning a Day 0 Frey will be instantly whitelisted for any future GameFi Crossing releases. For this and other benefits, you need to own a Day 0 Frey. This means if you minted a Day 0 Frey but sent it to someone else, you will not be whitelisted.

Boss Fights

(More info coming soon...)

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