Project Details

To enhance the importance of our NFTs, we have given our plots of land a full emission utility, but unlike other emission NFTs we have also enabled the usage of our (and partnered) other NFTs. Staking your NFT in one of your plots enables extra plot attribute levels giving you a boosted emission schedule! For this we have not just used The Frey, CryptoPigs, but also DeFi Kingdoms! You heard it right, we also enabled The Frey on-chain attributes and make use of on-chain hero attributes.

To both enhance the usage of plots and prepare for our Frey Boss battles we have created a Google Maps-esk system for our plots where you can browse through user-selected positions in user-chosen neighbourhoods acording to a calculated XY coordination system, just slide to a specific plot, copy the URL and you can automatically zoom in to your specific plot whenever!

The Plots map got even better with the integration of zoom and panning features. The plots are easy to navigate because the plot positions are shareable via links!

You can classify the plots according to its Neighbourhood, Fertility, Crime Rate, and Level.


The XYA Emitter

The secret of the XYA Emitter has been leaked amongst the Freyfolk. Many plot owners took this opportunity to bring the powerful machinery to their richest plots.

How does it work?
After paying a one time fee of XYA-ONE LP Token, plot owners will be able to purchase and install their own emitter. These fees will be added and locked to the current liquidity.

The emitter will constantly dig for riches, rewarding the plot owners with a handful of XYA. 75% of the rewarded XYA will be locked on the plots treasury.

The emitter has a base emission rate of 4 which can be further increased by upgrading the plots and plot owners can level up their plot by paying a small XYA fee or by using treasury funds obtained from the emission rewards.
The small XYA fees paid for leveling up will go back to the reward pool. Paying by using treasury funds is 3 times more expensive than paying directly with XYA. 50% of the paid XYA will be burned and the other 50% will be returned to the reward pool. Each level will increase the base emission rate by 4.

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