Project Details

Fully on-chain decentralized Tamagotchi. As our partnerships with other projects evolve, we also deliver on their wants and hopes! Together with CryptoPigs we have delivered a completely decentralized version of tamagotchi. Keeping your pig alive by feeding, playing, washing and resting you can grow your pig older! For every pig registered per epoch you gain the CryptoPigs coin $COINX from the treasury based on your pigs attributes and age. Yes, I also said attributes! We have decentralized your pigs generative attributes and have given the rarity of your pig actual utility on the Harmony blockchain!

CryptoPigs are NFTs on the Harmony blockchain integrated into the GameFi Crossing ecosystem, featuring a tamagotchi minigame with token rewards.

There are 5000 piggies in total, which are uniquely generated variations of the Pig-toaster mascot. Each Piggy NFT is minted with four to seven attributes, some being rarer than others.

There are many things surrounding CryptoPigs, most notably:

Tamagotchi game;
take care of your piggies and earn COINKx

Upcoming pig races;
race your pig and become the top Frey

Integration with Xangaea plots;
stake piggies and earn various benefits

CryptoPigs has also received a grant from the official Harmony team, with a multitude of partnerships already established with projects in the Harmony ecosystem, focusing on NFT integration and gamification.



COINKx is the currency for the CryptoPigs game. It will be used for various things, including using it as a wager in the PvP part of the game, and using it to revive your pig after it has died or enabling you to play with it, clean it/let it sleep/eat more often in the tamagotchi part of the game. Future utility to COINKX may be added in the form of yield farming or other game utilities.

COINKx used in the game will be partly burned, and partly distributed amongst players in regular P2E rewards.

COINKx was distributed over 5 months in the Piggybank yield farm, and is now capped at 6,000,000 tokens. COINKx recently underwent a token migration from the old COINK token for security reasons. It is a secure ERC20 token contract without any mint function.

COINKx contract address: 0x7ca9C1D0bb11F1b7C31ee5538D7a75aAF2d8E2FC

Plots integration

Cryptopigs can be placed on the plots to increase fertility. Older piggies provide an additional fertility bonus, but playing the tamagotchi is not necessary to attach one to a plot of land.

The attributes of a CryptoPig will stop decaying when they are on a plot. However, any piggy attached to a plot will not be able to earn tamagotchi rewards until they are removed from the plot.

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