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Our mission is to create a whole world, incorporating gaming and fantasy elements into our ecosystem to make cryptocurrency engaging. GameFi Crossing has been an established project since March of 2021. We have had our staking contract verified, which can be found here on the Harmony Explorer. We also value transparency and have open-sourced our code. You can view the code behind our staking contract, tip bot and more on our Github.

What is GameFi Crossing (XYA)?

GFX is a project actively soliciting innovation and creativity, and is open to both old and new users. Together with the Harmony ecosystem, GFX is determined to bring traditional gaming to Web3, from idle browser games to full-fledged 3D modeled executables - bringing Web3 to the next level.

By encouraging the ability to use other projects’ NFTs and tokens within our own world, we showcase to the world the real usage potential of Web3. Decentralized projects, decentralized assets - built to succeed by removing single points of failure, empowering creators and motivating the creation and rebirth of older projects.

Contract address: 0x9b68BF4bF89c115c721105eaf6BD5164aFcc51E4


Why use the Harmony blockchain?

Harmony is absolutely fantastic! Transaction speeds generally span from 2 to 4 seconds, but the team is even aiming to reduce this to 1 second. What’s even better is the fact that you barely lose out on fees, with some transactions costing only 0.0001 ONE. Compare this to Ethereum, which can have gas fees of $150 or higher. Harmony is constantly innovating and has a lot of potential to grow. As the network thrives, so will projects like GameFi Crossing in its ecosystem.

How did it all begin?

GameFi Crossing was initially just a Discord server for cryptocurrency trading. As the community slowly grew, along with its love for Harmony, the idea of the GameFi Crossing token was born. The token was first launched as $FYLA on Mochiswap. However, to improve the tokenomics and officially rebrand, GameFi Crossing was later redeployed as $XYA. An ICO was hosted to raise over 1 million ONE and the rest is history.

Is $XYA a good investment? What makes it unique?

A huge selling point for $XYA is the fact that it is extremely easy to use. On our Discord server, you can easily tip others with a single command: !ftip 10 [user]. Since community is such a huge part behind GameFi Crossing, there are also regular trivia and giveaway events being hosted with rewards in $XYA.

Furthermore, there is an entire world behind GameFi Crossing with lore. Our vision is to develop an ecosystem in this universe we are creating, immersing users with a fantastic story to boot.

CryptIDs is one of the keystones of GameFi Crossing. As a multiplayer auto-chess style game, players will be able to collect monster collectible NFTs (known as Harmons) that each have their own distinctive properties. With rarities and randomly generated combination of stats /abilities, certain Harmons will inherently be more valuable than others. CryptIDs is set to release an Alpha version in Q3.


How can I get involved?

The GameFi Crossing Discord server is the most active platform, making it perfect for general chatting or price discussion. If you have any inquiries or requests, feel free to message the GameFi Crossing team on any of our socials.


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